I have long believed that in order to lead, you have to have a philosophy. My philosophy is simple – courageous leadership wins…battles, wars, respect, success. I learned most of what I know about the principles of Courageous Leadership during my time in the United States Army, where I drove tanks in many lands around the world. I was always amazed at the quality of leadership in the Army, and I have since been a student of the craft. Today, I relentlessly pursue development of my own leadership ability, as well as the leadership ability of those around me.

Currently, I am the Chief Sales Officer at McGraw-Hill Higher Education, the world’s leading learning technology company. Although presently a senior executive responsible for sales and strategy, my experience spans many areas, including product development, brand management, software development, strategic marketing, business management, and leadership.

Of all of my areas of experience, I am most passionate about leadership. Courageous Leadership has much more to do with your attitude and your aptitude than the position you hold.  Take this journey with me, and together we will develop courage of all kinds:

Courage to Act
Courage to Lead
Courage to Invest
Courage to Inspire
Courage to Disrupt
Courage to Commit
Courage to Provoke
Courage to Speak Up
Courage to Challenge
Courage to Do What’s Right
Courage to Advocate for Ideas
Courage to Realize Your Dreams

I look forward to connecting with you over this site, and I hope we become better, more courageous leaders together.

Lead. Courageously.


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