All opinions, beliefs and commentary shared or communicated via Courageous Leadership Blog, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn accounts are my personal opinions and do not reflect the beliefs of McGraw-Hill. The following bullet points outline my current social media policy:

Engagement: The whole idea is to engage and learn from each other toward building a smarter, better world.

Commenting Policy: While the Courageous Leadership Blog accepts comments, Doug Hughes actively moderates comments and reserves the right to delete any comments that in his sole discretion have content that:

  • are abusive
  • are overly self-promotional
  • are clearly off-topic
  • are not family friendly
  • are a blatant use of spam

Following Policy: The following policy is left to the sole discretion of Doug Hughes, and may not reflect the beliefs or opinions held by McGraw-Hill. The following items give you an overview of who Doug Hughes will or will not follow, add, or friend on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.:

  • Twitter: Doug Hughes maintains a discretionary following policy and will not automatically follow back everyone who follows him. He follows people or entities with whom he intends to build relationships, that provide meaningful or insightful information, or that share some form of common interest. The fact that Doug Hughes chooses to follow someone on Twitter does not imply that any endorsement or relationship exists. Likewise the fact that Doug Hughes does not follow you back does not mean he is not interested in what you have to say, but is more likely based upon his inability to actively engage with everyone who follows him. Furthermore any paid endorsements will not be taken where any conflict of interest with McGraw-Hill exists, all other endorsements will be disclosed accordingly.
  • LinkedIn: Doug Hughes has a more liberal policy for adding contacts on LinkedIn than he does adding followers on Twitter. Doug Hughes will generally accept most LinkedIn connection requests that are of a business or professional nature. However he does not typically accept invitations from recruiters or others solely attempting to mine his contacts for solicitation purposes.

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